c-L0 (cosmicspacespit) wrote,

"Ini kawatte otiokyo!"

i never update this bullshit, um...i missed what seemed to be a rad show in indiana, but its cool though. i was an extra in a zombie movie the other night. people looked really cool but the guys making the movie were dickheads. i've been smoking large amounts of grass and have managed to knock my spring fever into overdrive. all i want to do is be outside walking around with a large group of people all day smoking pot non stop, eventually get bored and fall asleep next to katherine(i cant handle going a day without her romancing my pants off). i hate being stuck in pontiac. everyone i meet in detroit is cool. i think overall everything is just better there. where else can you down a can of sparks and follow it up with a blunt in the middle of the street in broad daylight? im hoping that all goes well with getting a place down there this summer. i wish i had busfare to go to royal oak or back to katie's.
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