c-L0 (cosmicspacespit) wrote,

in all seriousness

i have a bad problem, i've always been into self mutilation but over the past year i've managed to keep it under control because i had someone to help me get by, the past 2 days have been really bad for me and things seem to be getting worse. the person who used to help me has decided being out the the house with friends is more important than my problems. she really needs to think a little more about what love is. anyways, i have been left to my own devices, i've gone past cutting, i've started burning, scraping, sticking myself with safety pins etc etc, im basicly all by myself. people always offer to help but never go thru with it. in the past month i'vre had one aprox 1 visitor. things are getting out of hand and im so scared that i dont know what to do, i keep crying which makes me want to hurt myself more because i think about how im such a baby. if i cant get help im going to have myself committed. i'm losing my mind and i dont know what to do.
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