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kitties and stuff

so the other day my gay roomate had this fat pig girl over, she was instantly attacked by my cat grumble fuzz,  she kept trying to pick the fuzz up saying that it was abused and she wants to take it away from here,  i was so fucking pissed that someone would think that i or anyone else would ever abuse a cat in this house before she left i had to point out to this retard the amazing life my cat lives.  not only does grumble fuzz have its own room my cat has the biggest bedroom in the whole house.  it also has a king size bed, an air conditioner cable tv and a dreamcast  (yes its my cats room not mine or anyone elses. i have to ask it if i can go in there to play video games).  on top of that the cat gets fed extremely well.  just recently the fuzz brought home a giant bird and was waiting at the front door to show it off. cats only hunt for thier family if they are really happy with them.  my cat may be the meanest  most insane psycho cuddle face in the whole world but it is deffinately not abbused.  ugh i get heated thinking about it.  cham cham is doing extremell well 2.  since i got her she nearly doubled in size. it must be how much she chows down.   im gonna get old and live with hundreds of cats and take care of them all equally well and make a cat fortress for them ehich will turn into a cat mafia maybe i'll get 666 of them so i can have a three 6 cat mafia.  and theyd all be smoking a thousand catnip blunts.
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